Our Vision

Our sole vision at WYP is to help you save money. We do this by recapturing inventory from major retailers, making it fit for resale and providing it to you at deeply discounted prices! We also find reliable sources for products you use every day and strip out all the costs associated with major brand names so you get what you need without breaking the bank!

We strive to grow by finding more of the products you need that also have the greatest impact on your budget so that you can make your money stretch the farthest!

Our Story

WYP started in a garage in New Sharon, IA as a way to make some extra money and add tools to Jake's shop! It's popularity grew quickly and soon he was opening up a permanent location with Austin in Oskaloosa!


Meet the Team

It takes a lot of hard work to make a business succeed and here are the people making it happen every day!

Jacob Barnes

Founding Partner

Described as a serial entrepreneur, he has a passion for business development and growth. He can also fix about anything!


Shop Volunteer

A jack of all trades with a background in engineering and management; Dano keeps product flowing from the warehouse to the retail floor!

Briana Barnes

Retail Manager

She is our customer service expert and marketing guru. Briana can navigate social media and the internet with determination and skill!