Save in Bulk!

When our customers do laundry, they want clean and fresh smelling clothes without spending hundreds of dollars a year to do it! Why does name brand detergent cost over 10 cents per ounce?? The answer is because they have to buy packaging, labeling, advertising, shelf space in major retail stores and countless other expenses.

Soap is not magic. It is a very simple mixture of ingredients, color dye and a perfume. Add in some other ingredients such as softener or bleach and you've got some variation.

Our detergent products are HE (High Efficiency) safe, concentrated, clean great and smell great! Our cost? 4.5 cents per ounce! We sell our products in 5 Gallon buckets with convenient reusable pumps so it lasts you a long time and helps the environment too! You'd have to buy at least 5 of the biggest containers the big brands have to offer to equal one of ours! That's a lot of wasted plastic! To make it even better, we are planning to offer refills on our most popular products at an even better price!

We also offer softeners, bleach, all purpose cleaners and a heavy duty degreaser in the same bulk quantities!

Our Top Sellers

While all our products are great, some perform better because of their unique scents, allergenic properties or convenience!


Triple Action Pods

#1 Seller!

Compared to Tide with OxyClean


Blue with Breeze

#2 Seller!

Compared to Tide with Febreze


Free & Clear

#3 Seller!

No Dyes or Perfumes