Liquidated Items

We work with major retailers to purchase overstock, liquidated and customer returned inventory. We test, repair and stock these items in store at 40-50% OFF of retail price.

Wholesale Items

We choose high quality vendors to supply popular items based on sales from our liquidation experience to ensure we have what you demand at similar price points.

Bulk Detergents

High quality private label detergent in a 5 gallon bucket provides the product that you need in volumes that save you money by reducing the cost of production and eliminating wasteful packaging.


Make your money work for you

Find the same products as you would at major retailers for a fraction of the price! Save money by purchasing in bulk!

Wholesale Pricing and Bulk Purchasing

Do you own a store? Do you sell merchandise at flea markets or swap meets? We can get you products you need with our buying power and contacts! Just let us know what you're looking for!

Huge sacks of sugar in a warehouse.

Just ask us...

If you're interested in reselling some of our wholesale products or purchasing liquidated merchandise in bulk just let us know!